Ice Derby Info


2018 Ice Derby Results

Almost perfect weather and ice conditions set the stage for the 2018 Bluewater Anglers ice fishing derby.  300 tickets were sold for the annual event that hadn’t been held since 2015 due to poor ice conditions. It was a record crowd! We had many volunteers show up to help with ticket sales, drilling holes, and cooking the hotdogs. To all of you I would like to say Thank You!

The Bluewater Anglers would also like to Thank the Outdoorsman and Buck’s Bait  for their continued support with ticket sales, prizes, and bait. You have helped make this derby a popular family event!


PANFISH 1) Dino Evangelista – 11 1/8th inch Perch $225.

                     2) Rob Myloyja - 11-inch Perch $135.

                     3) Harry Harris – 10 3/8th inch Perch $90.

                    4) Kevin Taylor – 10 ¼ inch Perch $90.


TROUT/SALMON 1) Dalton Collins -  5.1-pound Brown Trout - $ 225.

                               2) Matt Guzy – 1.3 pound Coho $ 135


PIKE/WALLEYE 1) Nick Dirzze – 9 pound Pike $225.

                                   2) Scott Dezort – 6 pound Pike $135.

                                   3) Josh Craig – 3.5 pound Walleye $90.




Weather network picture of the ice derby.

True North Outdoors TV has also shared this video of the days events with us. Ice Derby Video 


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