Ice Derby

Ice Derby - February 16 2019




Saturday, February 16th, 2019

ELIGIBILTY: Everyone is welcome to fish as this is a license free weekend, (no fishing license is needed). You must purchase an entry ticket before you start fishing. Deadline to purchase a ticket is 9:00am Saturday Feb 16,2019. ALL FISH MUST BE CAUGHT THROUGH THE ICE.

ENTRY FEE: An entry fee of $5.00 per person must accompany the entry form.
BOUNDARIES: All fish must be caught within the boundaries of the City of Sarnia and/or the Village of Point Edward.
In case of inclement weather or unsafe ice conditions, the derby will be cancelled. There will not be an alternate date.

Prizes: Kids and Adults divisions.
Prizes are based on 90% of ticket sales, 10% will go to the Blue Water Anglers Hatchery. Cash prizes will be awarded for the top three heaviest fish in each of three categories. 1) Panfish (Perch, Rockbass, Sunfish, Crappie),2) Walleye and Pike, and 3)Trout (Rainbow and Brown) and Salmon
You are allowed to enter only one fish per category.
1st place = 15%         2nd place = 10%         3rd place = 5%
If No Fish are entered in a category, that fish category is deferred to the Panfish category, therefore the panfish category would add more places for payout. Eg. If no pike are entered, then panfish will pay out the top 6 spots, 15% for 1st and 2nd, 10% for 3rd and 4th, 5% for 5th and 6th.


Participants must bring their catch to the weigh-in station located at the Centennial Park boat ramp parking lot at Sarnia Bay. Fish must be weighed in by 11:00am. Prizes will be awarded right after the weigh in closes at 11:00 am. Prizes not claimed at prize presentation will be forfeited to the Bluewater Anglers.

Entry forms will be available at Buck’s Bait and the Outdoorsman until Friday(Feb 15) 5:30pm and the Centennial Park boat ramp parking lot at Sarnia Bay –Saturday(Feb 16) 7:30-9:00am. (You must buy a ticket before you fish.)


Bluewater Angler Members will be available to drill holes.


A minimum of 5 draw prizes will be made from entrants 13 and over that are present at the close of weigh in. A minimum of 5 draw prizes will be made from entrants 12 and under that are present at the close of weigh in. If derby has to be cancelled, a draw for prizes will be made from tickets purchased and winners contacted. Prizes to be picked up within 30 days.


REMINDERS: Muskie, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass are out of season, and should be released immediately back to the water.

Please do not leave garbage behind on the ice. This puts future fishing in jeopardy for everyone.


This association will not be liable to or for the loss of property or for injury to the person of any contestant or spectator. Contestants compete in this derby at their own risk and agree to hold this Association and members harmless from any liability, claims and cost of any nature whatsoever.

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