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Sorry Bad News.....

Ice Derby Feb. 2017 Cancelled
Due to lack of safe access to the Ice.


"The Bluewater Anglers ICE FISHING DERBY scheduled for Saturday, February 18, 2017 has been cancelled. The Bluewater Anglers regret the decision but feel that access to Sarnia Bay is unsafe for families and kids during the ongoing Centennial Park Remediation project."

December 2016 Update

The Ice Fishing Derby will be the first club event of 2017 ... assuming we have safe ice. The outing is held on the first license free weekend in Ontario … so no fishing license is needed. The Ice Fishing Derby is open to both club members and the general public. Bring the family and/or a friend and enjoy a pleasant morning on Sarnia Bay.

An entry fee of $5.00 per person must accompany the entry form. Entry forms and complete Ice Fishing Derby information will be available at the January 10 th General Membership Meeting. Bucks Bait and The Outdoorsman will have application forms until 4:30 PM on Friday, February 17 th. Tickets will be available at the Centennial Park boat ramp parking lot at Sarnia Bay on Saturday, February 18 th between 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM. You must buy a ticket before you start fishing.

The Ice Fishing Derby starts at 6:00 AM on Saturday, February 18th. Participants can bring their catch to the weigh-in station located at the Centennial Park boat ramp anytime during the morning. All fish must be weighed in by 11:00 AM. Prizes are based on 90% of the ticket sales and 10% will go to the Bluewater Anglers Hatchery. Cash prizes will be awarded based on weight in each of the three fish categories ... Panfish (including perch, crappie, sunfish, rock bass), Pike, and Trout (Rainbow and Brown trout). You are allowed to enter only one fish per category. If no fish are entered in a category, the prizes in that fish category will be added to the Panfish category.

Prizes will be awarded after the weigh-in closes at 11:00 AM. Draw prizes will be made from entrants 12 and under, and from entrants 13 and over. Winners must be present for the draws made at the close of the weigh-in.

Event Location

Ice Derby Gallery

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2015 Bluewater Anglers Ice Fishing Derby


Saturday, February 14th, 2015

The ice fishing derby was very successful. We had 280 entries, for a total of $1400 revenue, with $140 going to the hatchery.  There were a lot of perch caught, unfortunately, most of them would not pull the scale off of zero!  There were only 2 trout and 2 pike weighed in, so we awarded 2 more prizes in the pan fish category, per the rules.  There was a ~9# walleye caught, and 2 small coho. There was a report of another walleye caught as well.

There was lots of help from B of D members and others. I won't attempt to recant names to avoid unintentionally offending someone by omission.

We should recognize the following persons in no specific order:
Outdoorsman - Steve and Kelly for selling entry tickets and a most generous supply of ice fishing oriented prizes
Bucks Bait - for selling tickets and a big scoop of minnows 'for the kids'
Linda from Remax - and her ReMax trailer (had to pry Frank away from the heaters when it was time for him to sweep the snow off the trailer ramp)
Erics Pro Tackle - for selling tickets and personally dropping them off at the ramp
Angling Sports London - for donating the two ice fishing rod/reel combos (I put one in the kids draw, and the girl who picked it had the biggest grin - it made the day for me)
Tim Hortons Front Street (Richard Ponic) 6 boxes of Timbits

I had 17 prizes for the 13 and older draw, and 39 prizes for the kids draw (12 and under)

I had one call after the derby from Reg(?) Crevier. He had left to give someone a ride, and a buddy called him to say his name was called for the draw. I explained that he had to be present to win (per the rules) and he said he was ok with that.

Thanks for your help folks - this event needs lots of hands!



- 1st - 1.62 kg - Joe Hussar
- 2nd - 0.93 kg - Scott Dezort (biggest fish by BWA member)
(Frank and I used the opportunity to highlight what a membership could have met for one of the three bigger fish)


- 1st - 2.54 kg - Chris Terry
- 2nd - 2.06 kg - Paul Landon


- 1st - 0.37 kg - Chris Garwood
- 2nd - 0.25 kg - Sam Dezort
- 3rd - 0.19 kg - Lance Dugas
- 4th - 0.13 kg - Scott Dezort
- 5th - 0.11 kg - Ryan Beauvais
(Ryan and Sam are kids)

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